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What is up, Adventurers!!!

Capt. Casey Males, owner and founder of BACKWATER FISH AND PADDLE LLC. Welcome to my bio section where I’d like to help set the facts straight! I am from South Florida, but grew up in the woods and backwaters of Central Florida. True Florida Native, I’ve spent 32 years along the Gulf Coast enjoying the hidden creeks, grass flats, mangroves, rivers, springs, and bays that still flourish with life and beauty.

My love for the waterways led to my U.S.G.S. Merchant Mariner Credentials and 8 years of ecotourism in Crystal River and Homosassa. I enjoyed a captain’s life in the Eco tourism Industry until my focus drifted to something a little more off the beaten path.

I have now taken my passion for paddling, years of learning the estuaries, and sight fishing the prime inshore species, to create BACKWATER FISH AND PADDLE… My dream for BACKWATER FISH AND PADDLE is to share my daily adventures with my customers, exactly the way I LIVE them. The ultimate goal is to create lifetime memories for each individual, by providing quality service and quality Paddle Craft!